By following the Archbishops' Trail, you will be taken on a virtual tour of the route travelled by the Archbishops of Canterbury on their journey from Canterbury in the County of Kent to Lambeth in London. We know that from the eleventh to the eighteenth centuries, the Archibishops often lived at Croydon Palace and later in the nineteenth century Addington Palace became their country residence. When the Archbishops travelled, they travelled in style, on horseback, accompanied by servants, lawyers, clerks, chaplains and various attendants. Their manor houses were built within a days journey from one another (less than 15 miles).

Along the way you can stop off at the places where, records tell us, the Archbishops broke their long journey, entertained their visitors, rested or died. Information on the villages, manor houses or resting places is available by clicking at various stages on the route map. Enjoy your journey!