Otford Palace
Among the more important of the smaller Anglo-Saxon estates in Kent was the one at Otford. Practically rebuilt in 1514-1518 by Archbishop Wareham with the addition of a huge inner courtyard and a large set of lodgings, Otford became an enormous and new renaissance palace and was clearly the inspiration for Cardinal's Wolseys' slightly later palace at Hampton Court. Both palaces were on a vast scale and attracted the envy of Henry VIII.
Eight years after acquiring Hampton Court in 1529, Henry VIII acquired Otford from Archbishop Cranmer before going on to enlarge them both. Otford was considered by an Elizabethan historian to be a 'gorgeous palace' and says that it cost 33,000 - a huge amount in those days.The shell of the north west tower which is connected by the ground storey of a gallery to one side of the gatehouse, is all that remains of Otford Palace.

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