Outline History Of The Whitgift Foundation

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One result of the Endowed School Acts and the Elementary Education Act was that the Poor School would not be allowed to continue after such time as the Local School Board had provided adequate elementary "Board" schools. Another Scheme, prepared under the supervision of the Charity Commissioners, established the Whitgift Educational Foundation. At the end of the year the Poor School was closed, and it's boys dispersed to the Board Schools or to the Church School that had been built nearby.
1882 In January the Poor School's premises were opened to new pupils, but under the same Headmaster, as a secondary school of the third grade, called Whitgift Middle School. At the same time the "middle-class School was unequivocally designated a first-grade school and took the name of Whitgift Grammar School; in nearly all respects it continued as before with the same staff, pupils and curriculum.
1889 Old Palace School was founded by the Sisters of the Church.
1897 The old Schoolhouse and the Schoolmaster's House were demolished for road-widening and development purposes; at the same time the Whitgift Hospital was first seriously threatened with demolition.
1907 The Headmaster of Whitgift Grammar School was elected to membership of the Headmasters' Conference.
1920 Both schools were placed on the Direct Grant List
1923 After many years' threats of demolition on account of Croydon Corporation's road-widening schemes, the Whitgift Hospital became a protected building under Town and Country Planning Acts.
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